Through the support of Core Funding by the Asia Foundation, there are two types of advocacy activities that have been and will be continuing to be developed. The first is advocacy in order to build awareness and difability mainstreaming. SIGAB believes that one of the stages for the achievement of equal rights of the difabel is when difability has become a mainstream in the various layers of government and society. Therefore, it is important to facilitate forums in which current issues related to difability more widely discussed by the difabel as a subject of rights, as well as other related parties. One of which will be carried by SIGAB is regular discussion of community which will be held once a month with public themes of difabel interests. In addition, SIGAB also will host an online radio as a forum to share information more widely.

The second is advocacy that is responsive, examples of cases of discrimination advocacy, legal advocacy, and policy review and critics and so on. In this case, there are several issues that currently become SIGAB’s concern to be immediately responded, namely the issue of access to justice and law for the difabel, policy related to difabel in DIY (local regulation on difability, gubernatorial regulation and implementation), access to public health insurance for the difabel, and advocacy on difabel law as derivative of difabel rights convention ratification. Through this advocacy program framework, SIGAB has contributed to the initiative of drafting and consultation of Difability Draft Bill through consultation workshop on Difability Draft Bill throughout Java held on April 20 to 21, 2014, involving difabel organizations in Java.


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